Don’t Label Me Bossy: I Delegate!

Be Strong & Shine

This commercial really resonates with me. I have witnessed the mislabeling of people often through the course of my life. Those who don’t speak much and come across as shy get labeled as arrogant or a snob. People who laugh a lot don’t take things seriously, and those who choose to speak their mind are labeled as know-it-alls. And I believe many officials, men and women alike, have been mislabeled as well.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is to be honest with yourself about your personality quirks and other peoples’ perceptions of you. Just be honest with yourself that you are a salesman on the crew. In my pregames, I tell my partners, “Hey I am in sales so sometimes I don’t know how to have a conversation without selling my ideas or thoughts. It doesn’t mean I am right; I just can’t help but sell you.” So the next thing I tell them is, “Don’t let me SELL you on a rule if you KNOW I am wrong.” And I mean it. It doesn’t matter who’s on the crew—1st year official to old school veteran. I tell them all the same thing: If you have a doubt, don’t let my tone or “sale” trump your knowledge.

This video reminds me that some labels are accurate and some just aren’t! So regardless of the label, be aware of the fact that you are being labeled. Don’t hide from the labels. Own them, correct them, or live up to them.

I used to be labeled as bossy, but over the years I have learned to change people’s perception to think of me more as someone who is really good at delegating. 🙂 No really it is true (those who know me well know this is true); they just think I delegate a lot. I figured out how to change what I say from, “Mike, go get the rental car for our trip,” to something like “Mike, since you are arriving earlier, would you mind picking up the rental car for us?” Ahhhh! It’s all in the delivery my friends, all in the delivery.

So let me encourage you as this season heats up (not the weather, but the conference play) to make note of the labels people have on you. Decide whether or not you like those labels or if want to change them…decide if they are within your control to change or not. I didn’t like being “bossy,” so I worked on my delivery in order to change that label. I own the fact that I am “salesy,” so I educate those around me to not let that get us in trouble.

How do you handle the labels people have placed on you? Please take the time to tell me about a label that has been placed on you. Tell me how you have handled it? Did you own it, fight it or work to change it? I truly want to know!

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