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Holly Rowe Wins Me Over

The game is tight. The decisions are tough. The clock is ticking.  The announcers are crucifying your crew.  Ever been there? Continue reading

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Crew Chief Qualities

This summer I was asked to present on leadership qualities and the qualities of great crew chiefs.  I found this topic to be challenging because I feel like it is the area I struggle with the most.  There are certain … Continue reading

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Young and Eager: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Forgotten

This season I worked a basketball game with a young lady in her late 20’s, one whom I have seen develop as an official over the last decade.  Yes, she started coming to Division I camps in her teens. She … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Gotta Let the Money Go

Like a classroom session I recently taught several referees, I have to tell you that running the business of being a referee is tricky. While we referees are independent contractors hired each year by several people, we don’t feel that … Continue reading

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Referees are Terrible Money Managers

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much of my life is evaluated through an “after divorce” lens.  Have you ever had one of those life-changing experiences where everything else that happens is counted or measured in relation to that one … Continue reading

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