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Crew Chief Qualities (cont.)

Crew Chief Qualities A couple weeks ago I began a post on crew chief qualities and I explored the first quality of creating a safe environment.  Today’s post I want to expand and cover the next couple qualities of great crew … Continue reading

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It Only Takes 25 Minutes

It is not very often that I take a day to just relax and recoup. But occasionally one of those days arrives, and today happens to be one of them. So I am doing what so many other people do … Continue reading

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Attitude is Everything: Take Responsibility for Yours  

Before you read any more of this post, I want you to think of the last three phone calls you had with an official – what was the tone and attitude of those calls? Were you positive or negative? Were … Continue reading

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It Takes Money to Make Money

You may recall a few months ago when I explained my goal of taking control of my financial future for my businesses and my life. As the second post in my series about money, I want to share a little … Continue reading

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Agony and Anticipation Depicted Perfectly

http://ncaachampionmagazine.org/features/earningthecall/#sthash.0Qr5yONQ.PbmBvVPI.dpbs Congratulations on getting the call fellas!  I could not have written a better blog so I wanted to share this one.  Once again I remind my readers – referees are people too.    

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