Referee Travel Tips

Traveling with your family is so fun!  Traveling with your friends is so memorable.  Work travel isn’t too bad.  But referee travel – let’s just say it ain’t for the faint at heart.

Let’s pretend for a second that you work in two Division I conferences, and for the purpose of this exercise lets say you work in the Big East Conference and the ACC. Here are the 22 schools and cities you may need to travel to in a single basketball season.

Big East Schools

ACC Conference

Has anyone told you about how difficult the travel is when you work division I basketball. Working the basketball game is the easiest and best part of our job.  Travel – may be the hardest and least enjoyable part of our job.

This weekend we were discussing all the great travel tips that referees have so I thought would be a great place to publish these tips.

I will start the site with a travel tip for those of you that are driving lots of miles to your games.  The travel app you need to download is mileiq.  This app allows you to simply turn on the gps when you get into your car.  When you arrive at your destination it clocks the miles and asks you to swipe right for work and swipe left for personal.  SWEET!

Talk about a great paperwork saver!  Now come on referees.  Let’s talk travel tips!

2 Responses to Referee Travel Tips

  1. Ref_Writer says:

    Have you heard about this?
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car is running (at participating locations, of course): $9.99/day for an economy or compact, 100 miles/day. You have to reserve the car Fri-Mon but that doesn’t mean you can’t lock it and leave it at a location after a day or two. $30 for three days is tough to beat. The special runs through *next* May.


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