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Crew Chief Qualities (cont.)

Crew Chief Qualities A couple weeks ago I began a post on crew chief qualities and I explored the first quality of creating a safe environment.  Today’s post I want to expand and cover the next couple qualities of great crew … Continue reading

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Crew Chief Qualities

This summer I was asked to present on leadership qualities and the qualities of great crew chiefs.  I found this topic to be challenging because I feel like it is the area I struggle with the most.  There are certain … Continue reading

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Frogs On A Log

Today we begin with a riddle: There were five frogs sitting on a log when four decided to jump. How many frogs were left on the log? Answer – Five.  The decision to jump didn’t equate to actual jumping.  Because the … Continue reading

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MIG – Remember This?

Everyone remember June’s commission to all officials this year?  MIG – Mind In Game.  I know October may seem light years in the past, but we are still in this season and now, more than ever, we have to have … Continue reading

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Life is About Moments

Ahh, the new year!  It is the time of year when people begin thinking about what the coming year will bring – what changes they will make or promises they will keep.  They anxiously look ahead. But a few years … Continue reading

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