Frogs On A Log

Today we begin with a riddle:

There were five frogs sitting on a log when four decided to jump.

How many frogs were left on the log?

Screenshot 2016-05-22 11.42.55

Answer – Five.  The decision to jump didn’t equate to actual jumping.  Because the four frogs decided to jump didn’t mean they actually jumped. So we still have five frogs on the log.


I have a stack of pages ripped from Cooking Light magazine in a little drawer in my kitchen. The pages contain recipes of great dishes, drinks, or storage ideas I want to try.  My system is to make the recipe from the stack, and after trying it and liking it (because I always do), I write it out on a recipe card and store for future reference.  But I must confess, pages of recipes I intend to make, far exceeds the recipes already made.  My intentions have not equalled actions.

As we approach summer and schedules tend to change with families and kids, what are your goals?  Have you made your intend-to-do list?  Does it include spending more time in the yard, hosting friends and neighbors, taking time off, losing weight, or improving your officiating schedule?  Once you have set your goals, or made your list, have you made an execution plan. As Tom Landry says, the goal is not the main thing.

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. – Tom Landry

I hope you are prepared for your camp and have been doing what it takes to be mentally and physically prepared.  I hope you have goals for your officiating season and you are building an execution plan for achieving your goals. Each year I write my business plan for the season and I look at summer camps as one of the steps to execute my plan.
If it will help you, here are 5 things I do to execute my plan BEFORE attending each camp.  I do this every camp, every time.  Even if I attend 5 camps in a summer I do this before every one of them.
1. I do a refresher of the last 2 year’s rules changes so the language is fresh in my mind
2. I look through my game notes from last year to review any feedback I received from my assignors, regional observers, etc.
3. I read the Camp Teaching Points BEFORE going to camp.
4. I work on my image.  Being the girlie girl that I am, I make sure my nails look polished yet discreet.  I check my weight, the fit of my pants, and how I will style my hair to ensure it stays back and looks professional
5. I review my CCA manual for refreshers on coverage and mechanics


I am interested in knowing what you do before every camp to prepare? If you have suggestions for our group for being mentally and physically prepared, please share below.

I wish you the best this summer with all of your goals, including those in officiating.  I leave you with a super short quote by the legendary John Wooden.

Be prepared and be honest.  John Wooden


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Entrepreneur - Mentor - Speaker - Blogger I find great joy in helping people become their best self by seeking personal, professional and physical success daily.
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4 Responses to Frogs On A Log

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ridddddle me this….totally got the riddle btw. Thanks for the post. Inspiring as always. Working on my summer mission this week (Burn your Goals by Joshua Medcalf is the best book I’ve read in a long time 😉


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