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Entrepreneur - Mentor - Speaker - Blogger I find great joy in helping people become their best self by seeking personal, professional and physical success daily.

MIG – Remember This?

Everyone remember June’s commission to all officials this year?  MIG – Mind In Game.  I know October may seem light years in the past, but we are still in this season and now, more than ever, we have to have … Continue reading

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Life is About Moments

Ahh, the new year!  It is the time of year when people begin thinking about what the coming year will bring – what changes they will make or promises they will keep.  They anxiously look ahead. But a few years … Continue reading

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There is No Smiling in Officiating

self-a·ware (sĕlf′ə-wâr′) Aware of oneself, including one’s traits, feelings, and behaviors I am a girl.  I wear emotions on my shoulders.  I multi-task.  I am able to take in alot of information at once. I love hot pink, bling and … Continue reading

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I Should Post More Often

Today I came across this post and hoped to use it as my excuse to why I don’t post more often.  Thanks Ian!  ‘preciate ya! I am a poet in deeds–not often in words. Ian Fleming September 29, 1939: On … Continue reading

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NASO Statement on Texas High School Football Incident

For Release September 8, 2015 NASO Statement on Texas High School Football Incident In Marble Falls, Texas this past weekend, an officiating nightmare took place. It took place and nobody was sleeping. Fortunately someone was videotaping the game. Without any … Continue reading

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