Great article by Dave Libbey.

Thanks Dave. This is a good reminder of key characteristics we should be looking for in young referees.

Be A Better Official

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Seven Qualities of a Great Sports Official

By Dave Libbey 

Sports officials, like any other vocation or avocation, come in many different packages. Some “get by”; some are “good”; a select few can be considered “great” in their field.

During my 35 years of officiating I’ve worked and talked with colleagues who fit into each of those categories. I’ve seen and learned from many I consider great sports officials. They shared common traits which ultimately set them apart from the rest. I’d like to try to explain these qualities.

INTEGRITY. A great sports official is the last guardian of honesty in athletics. He must maintain a complete absence of bias. We can read almost daily of coaches, players and boosters engaging in illegal activities. Referees and umpires are rarely accused of any kind of dishonest or…

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